What does the word “saisei” mean in Saisei Foundation?

In Japanese, “saisei” (再生) can be translated to “rebirth” or “regeneration,” among other options. This is the intention of many projects the Saisei Foundation supports, including select psychedelic-assisted therapies. Some of these tools have literally saved my life, and this name translates the feeling of getting a pristine second chance, a reboot, a rare chance to change the narratives and limitations that have defined you.

How can I donate?

Click here to find more information about how you can donate and support the foundation.

Does the Saisei Foundation accept donations in the form of cryptocurrencies?

Yes, please see the following page to learn more about donations.

Does the Saisei Foundation accept securities (stocks)?

Please contact us to learn more about donating stocks and securities to the foundation.

Are donations made to the Saisei Foundation tax-deductible?  

Yes, the Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Saisei Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions made to the Saisei Foundation are deductible as permitted under Internal Revenue Code Section 170.

What resources do you recommend for those who’d like to learn more about psychedelic medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapies?

One possible place to start: “Psychedelics 101.” For other resources related to psychedelic-assisted therapies, please click here.

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